Innossol Crystal is a new concept of Innossol System which made the expression of starry night into the perforated sheets on the ceiling. Previous techniques involved the use of optical cables or fiber lighting to realize the starry night expression, thus this technique bears high expenses. Now with Innossol Crystal’s revolutionary technical advancement, use of fluorescent lighting can also create the same effects of starry, shinning night sky anywhere.



Double perforation patterns with optical illusion effect.

Beam and lights cross through holes with different sizes; it generates glittering sparks as if stars twinkle up on the sky.

Color / Material


Innossol Crystal uses existing Innossol Sheet, it embellishes with various colors and perforation pattern. It can be applied to not only on the ceiling but also on the walls—effective display and art wall can be realized.

Crystal Black

It maximizes the glittering effects of the night sky with full of twinkling stars using black-and-white contrast. Other colors are also available.

Crystal White

More delicate and subdue effects are made possible. It looks as if handfuls of gems are set beautifully.